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Assalamu Alaikum I am Md. Golam Kebria Sarkar the founding managing director of Studio of Creative Arts Ltd. Being connected to the media most of the people know me as RJ Kebria. The journey of the Studio of Creative Arts Ltd started in 2017.Though I am not doing this video just to talk about Studio of Creative Arts Ltd, rather I am here to talk about those who want to promote their commodity or brand through our content. Studio of Creative Arts Ltd is now proceeding with three types of content on social media. You guys can find our social media links, in our media section. Right now, we are working with three types of content and they are, Life, Branding Bangladesh and Apon Thikana. Let me give you a brief about these contents. “Life” is about the life stories of people and we bring them to the media and by media I am referring to social media. Each of the stories has a significant message to deliver. Then Branding Bangladesh, which is a new initiative. The stories of the ordinary people throughout Bangladesh, which encourages us to live a new life and besides that the motivational stories that persuade us to live a fruitful life and stand as an example for others. Thus, Branding Bangladesh is full of such stories and the main focus of the show is there are some people around us whom we can follow as our idols. Then we have the show ” Apon Thikana “. This show is basically returning people who got lost in their childhood? I have already done it in the FM Radio and now I am bringing it in Studio of Creative Arts Ltd in a different manner. We are proceeding with these three types of content. And we are ensuring how you can promote your brand through these contents and get the utmost result. I have recently worked with some brands and you can see the list of them on this website. If you want to promote your brand in our content you can send us a mail on the email address provided here so we can discuss in details. For further queries send us an email.

Thank you so much.